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Divorce And Family Law

Tanner Law Office attorneys assist individuals in divorce, child custody and visitation disputes, child support matters, alimony and property settlement matters, paternity disputes, adoption, guardianship, and other matters related to family disorganization and uncertainty. As a matter of preventative law, our goal is to try to minimize the risk of future conflict and uncertainty, as we work with you regarding the terms of divorce decrees and mediation agreements.


Richard Tanner has been routinely appearing in Third District courts, including courts in Tooele and Salt Lake City, since 2006 on a number of divorce and related family law matters. He frequently participates in family law mediations.

James Tanner is a former mediator on the Third District Court mediation (parent time-visitation) roster. He has formal training in family law and employment law mediation. He holds a master’s degree in family and human development. He is a former chief of legal assistance at Fort Riley, Kansas, where he provided advice and assistance to numerous active duty and retired military members on divorce and family law matters, consumer law, landlord-tenant matters, and contract matters.

Attorneys in our firm make court appearances and appear with clients in mediations in the Third District Court in Salt Lake City and surrounding counties. We represent clients in Utah (Provo area) and Davis counties (Ogden and Hill Air Force Base area). We advise and represent active duty and retired military families dealing with divorce, child custody disputes, alimony and property settlement matters.

The law is constantly changing and the unique facts of your case may significantly affect the legal course you should pursue. The following information is provided not as legal advice, but to provide an understanding of rules and concepts that are at play when you are involved in family law disputes, as well as criminal defense cases or general practice matters. It is recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney for legal advice applicable to the specific facts in your case.

Tanner Law Office attorneys are available to provide legal advice applicable to the specific facts of your case. You may call us at 435-243-7350 or fill out our contact form.


Court rules require mediation in certain cases. Generally, when divorcing parents have minor children, the parents are expected to attend at least one mediation session prior to proceeding to a trial. Our firm expects to zealously pursue our clients’ interests in contested judicial proceedings, but we are firmly aware that a number of family disputes are resolved in mediation prior to the time and expense of further court proceedings. We actively consult with our clients regarding the options and we prepare for mediation, attorney-to-attorney settlement discussions and contested proceedings if the issues cannot be resolved.

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