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Criminal Defense

Attorneys at Tanner Law Office PLLC routinely represent clients in criminal defense matters, including routine driving and traffic tickets (including loss of license and driving on suspended license) and other misdemeanor charges brought by Tooele City and Tooele County. We provide criminal defense advice and assistance on work-related and white collar criminal charges, including false official statements, misuse of official position, lack of candor and perjury. We are available for advice and representation to active duty military, Reserve and National Guard members facing criminal charges brought by civilian authorities within Utah or matters regarding nonjudicial punishment and court-martial charges and offenses brought as violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

DUI And Drug-Related Offenses

A number of consequences flow from a conviction for DUI or drug-related offenses, including significant court fees, the requirement to install an ignition interlock device and the loss of your driving privileges. You can be convicted of drug-impaired driving, even if you are driving a vehicle after taking physician-prescribed medication. You may be able to keep your license if you prevail before the criminal court and the Utah Driver’s License Division, if you send a timely request for an administrative hearing to the Driver’s License Division. In addition, the Driver’s License Division may suspend your license for a period from several months to years, based on points on your driving record. Attorneys at Tanner Law Office PLLC are experienced and available to assist in DUI and drug-related driving offenses.

Juvenile Court And Representation Of Minors

Our firm has routinely represented juvenile clients, as well as parents of juveniles in hearings related to parental rights, juvenile conduct and status hearings. We have worked with juvenile clients and their families to find constructive solutions to legal actions brought against the juveniles.

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